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Dear students,

This is to inform you all that the holiday is almost over from 3rd January 2019, ESIS Management would like to remind you all that during your return to the College make sure that you have paid your required outstanding fee balances with no excuses.ESIS Management will not accept any student excuse rather… Continue reading


In Campus Students

Annual Fee Per semester fee First Installment

To be paid During Reporting

Second Installment

To be paid after 3 months  from the date of reporting

2,443,440/= 1,221,700/= 610,850/= 610,850/=

Off-Campus Students


Annual Fee Per semester fee First Installment

To be… Continue reading

Oil and Gas Exploration
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Hydrocarbon exploration – Wikipedia
Hydrocarbon exploration (or oil and gas exploration ) is the search by petroleum geologists and geophysicists for hydrocarbon deposits beneath the Earth’s surface, such as oil and natural gas… Continue reading

Act No. 9 of 1997 empowers the Council “to establish awards in technical education which are consistent in standard and comparable to related awards at national and international levels”.

NACTE awards are known as National Technical Awards (NTA) and adopt a Competence-based (CBET) modular system (credit-based).

The Council has to set qualifications standards for the… Continue reading

Ordinary Diploma in Petroleum Geology course (NTAL 5 and 6) is taken by a student who has successfully completed a basic certificate in petroleum geology (NTAL4).

NTAL 5 Modules

Modules Semester I

Code Module Title
PTT05101 Sedimentary basins and structural geology
PTT05102 Application of Geophysics in Petroleum exploration
PTT05103 Fundamentals of Remote sensing and… Continue reading

Basic Certificate in Petroleum Geology course (NTAL 4) is taken by a student who has successfully completed ordinary certificate of secondary education or O’Level (form four) with at least 4 D at the national examination or NVTA3 in engineering related subjects.


Semester 1

 Code Module Title
AGT04101 Basics of geology
AGT04102 Elementary mineralogy… Continue reading

All students with supplementary examinations from 14th to 16th of JANUARY 2015 are hereby informed to pay the supplementary fee of TZS. 30,000/= per exam before the examination dates

Note: we only need the bank deposit slip be presented to the office of ESIS Admin and not CASH

Bank Details

Course Content

Diploma in Exploration and Mining Geology  course (NTAL 5 and 6) is taken by a student who has successfully completed basic certificate in Exploration and Mining Geology NTAL 4

NTAL5 Modules

Semester I

AGT05101 Optical Mineralogy
AGT 05102 Geochemistry and Geochemical Mapping
AGT 05103 Geophysical Exploration
AGT05104 Geological Mapping
AGT05105 Remote Sensing… Continue reading

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