About ESIS

Earth Sciences Institute of Shinyanga (ESIS) is a Private Technical Institute registered by the National Council for Technical Education of Tanzania (NACTE) with Reg. No REG/EOS/041 to offer Geosciences related courses. ESIS’s head office is located in Shinyanga Municipality at Open University of Tanzania Shinyanga offices

ESIS uses NACTE validated curricula and is currently offering Exploration and Mining Geology from Basic Certificate to Diploma. ESIS also offers Petroleum Geology from Basic Certificate to Diploma.

In the first 10 years, ESIS is intended to offering certificates and diplomas in earth science fields that are competence based – so called National Technical Awards (NTAs) in accordance to National Council for Technical Education (NACTE). Latter on, ESIS shall begin to offer higher levels of competence based system that are/shall be equivalent to degrees (Bachelor and later on Masters and finally PhDs) in the field of Earth Sciences and under the same board, NACTE.

Vision, Mission and Core Values


We envision to “Becoming the center of technical education excellence”


Our mission is to mobilize competent human capacities and material to produce competent mid cadres’ technicians who will serve in Tanzania mining industry. The Institute shall employ qualified and dedicated professionals and shall use the Classical Natural Laboratories within selected dedicated centers.

We commit ourselves to implement the mission by holding the following values:-

Self Driven and Commitment, Transparency and Trustworthiness, Teamwork Spirit and Interdependence, Teaching Ethics and Morals, Student Centeredness

Core Values

  1. Academic Excellence
  2. Customer Service Excellence
  3. Teamwork
  4. Professionalism
  5. Innovations And Creativity
  6. Inspiring and Empowering
  7. Accountability and Transparency

Academic excellence

ESIS will come as one team and aim excelling in academics products. Ie producing students’ graduands that are academically competent and visionary

Customer service excellence

Our staffs will be molded in such a way that each staff knows how to serve our clients which are our students, handle their complaints if any and ensure always that students’ satisfaction is paramount.


We strive to make our vision; mission and goals make us one by focusing on the vision rather than our routine activities. We will strive the best to remove boundaries that prohibit us helping each other and for this will make ESIS, a unique family that everybody will like to be part of it.


Industry benchmarks are our model to make sure that we are always doing things right and at recommendable standards and requirements.

Innovations and Creativity

Motivation and promotions at ESIS will always focus on enhancing invention, creativity and innovations.

Inspiring and Empowering

ESIS management will strive to appreciate the work of individual staff and that each staff is motivated to motivate others too to replicate empowering philosophy to the whole ESIS family.

Accountability and transparency

We will also encourage one another to be accountable for the mistakes and failure done by hie/her during implementation of ESIS tasks the same way as we are responsible for our success.

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