ESIS is lead by the Board Of Directors made from experts in engineering and geology holding first degree, master and Ph.D. All member possess experiences between 10 to over 30 years.

The Board receive technical advices from the Advisory Board comprises of different professional capacities

The Board of Directors is the highest supreme body which holds the final decision of ESIS leadership and management. The power of the Board is then delegated to the principal and his/her Management team.

The Board of Directors

The members of the Board of Directors are:

  1. Dr Peter Dalaly Kafumu (Senior Geologist)
  2. Dr. Athanas S. Macheyeki (Senior Geologist)
  3. Mr. Lemburis Kivuyo (Geologist/Business Consultant)
  4. Mr. Clement Kivegalo (Engineer)
  5. Mr. Abiel Kyamanywa (Senior Geologist)

The Advisory Board

ESIS is managed by the Advisory Board which is responsible and accountable to the Board of Directors.

The member of the Advisory Board are:

  1. Mr. Julius Sarota- MSc Mineral Ecomics (Chairperson)
  2. Selemani Silingi – MSc. Oil and Natural Gas Engineering (Secretary)
  3. Mr. Peter Gukura-BSc-Land Survey (Member)
  4. Ms. Lina Willium – MA-HR (Member)
  5. Ms. Kokuganza Caroline Kazingo- BCom-Finance (Member)
  6. Mr. Richard Jumanne -WDL Chief Geologist (Member)
  7. Mr. Gervas Abel Mweta – MSc. (CED1) (Member)

Management Team

Current ESIS Management consists of

  1. Principal – Chief Executive
  2. Vice Principal – Planning, Finance and Administration
  3. HOD (1)
  4. Dean of Student
  5. Geology tutors (7)
  6. Administrator
  7. Account Assistant
  8. Quality Assurance Officer
  9. Warden
  10. Record Assistant
  11. Librarian
  12. Security Guards (2)
  13. Cleaners (3)
  14. Lecturers (4)

Total staff between 2023-2025 will be 20 where by HOD, Dean of Student and  Quality Assurance Officer personel will be appointed among collage tutors. Each individual brings a unique capacities and skill set that will help drive ESIS to be not only profits driven but also customer driven institution. In  2026 through 2027 of this business plan, 4 lecturers will be added for a new introduced NTAL7 and 8 courses making a total of 24 staffs.

The principal, of ESIS will be appointed/employed by board of directors and will head all ESIS students’ academics and practical and any other trainings, safeguard ESIS finance assets, pioneer ESIS researches and consultancies and supervise day to day activities of ESIS.

ESIS Organogram


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