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ESIS is lead by the Board Of Directors made from experts in engineering and geology holding first degree, master and Ph.D. All member possess experiences between 10 to over 30 years.

The Board of Directors is the highest supreme body which holds the final decision of ESIS leadership and management. The power of the Board is then delegated to the principal and his/her Management team.

Management Team

  1. Ms. Evaline Munisi (Principal)
  2. Mr. Geofrey Msumali (Head of Academics)
  3. Mr Hans Gilliper (Head of Administration)
  4. Mr.Ibrahim P.Mtani(Assistant Accountant)
  5. Mr.Selemani Silingi(Field Coordinator)

Teaching Staff Team

  1. Ms. Evaline Munisi
  2. Mr. Geofrey Msumali
  3. Mr Selemani Silingi
  4. Mr Ismail Ikhasi

ESIS Organogram

ESIS Organograph

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