Oil and Gas Exploration
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Hydrocarbon exploration – Wikipedia
Hydrocarbon exploration (or oil and gas exploration ) is the search by petroleum geologists and geophysicists for hydrocarbon deposits beneath the Earth’s surface, such as oil and natural gas. Possibly an oil-water, gas-water or gasoilcontact on a seismic section.

Oil and Gas Exploration – NOAA Ocean Explorer – Expedition to the Deep Slope
Expedition to the Deep Slope. Ask an Explorer. This map of the northern Gulf of Mexico shows the nearly 4,000 active oil and gas platforms. Click image for larger view and image credit. Types of offshore oil and gasstructures.


New Oil and Gas ExplorationNew Oil and Gas Exploration
Growing up in and around Texas oilfields, this topic holds a special interest for me. (from “The Faces of the Earth” series: Building the Planet)


How 3D Seismic Is Used To Explore Oil And Gas (Geophysics Rocks)How 3D Seismic Is Used To Explore Oil And Gas (Geophysics Rocks)
Video Source: www.youtube.com Turn Key Oil does not own the rights to this video and it is to be used for educational purposes only. One of the most powerful geophysical technologies is 3D Seismic. Geophysical companies profile the sea floor and use sound to create images thousands of feet below the subsurface. Watch this video to learn more about the technology.


Modern Land Drilling Rig Oil and GasModern Land Drilling Rig Oil and Gas
At Industrial 3D, we specialize in Industrial and Commercial graphics. We produce multimedia, 3D animation, 3D illustration and graphics for the Oil, Gas and Energy industries. We have over 15 years of technical graphic experience focused on the latest in 3D Animation and Illustration technology, we provide our clients with highly detailed animations, renderings, presentations and technical illustration materials that are clear, powerful and precise. Our team is a unique blend of illustrators, artists, designers and animators with extensive experience which focuses mainly on Oil, Gas, Petroleum, Energy and Mechanical industries. This gives us the ability to approach and solve any presentation or marketing task that requires 3d animation and illustration in the Industrial Market.


Drilling - Oil & GasDrilling – Oil & Gas
A short animation showing the stages of the drilling process, starting with preparing the surface, continuing through drilling, casing, well logging, and production.

 List of acronyms in oil and gas exploration and production
The oil and gas industry uses many acronym s and abbreviation s. EPIDORIS – Exploration and Production Integrated Drilling Operations and

Oil and Gas Exploration and Development News, Research: Oil …
World-class deepwater natural gas discoveries offshore in the Indian Ocean have turned the East African margin into one of the planet’s hottest exploration

Oil and gas exploration | What we do | BP
BP use sophisticated technologies and tried-and-true techniques to find oil and gas under the earth’s surface. Find out how we go about finding oil and gas. x.

Oil and Gas Exploration and Production
Intertek Oil and Gas upstream services offer independent, mission-critical expertise to the energy exploration and production (E&P) industry. Intertek provides

Oil & Gas Investments | Oil and Gas Securities | Texas Oil and Gas …
Breitling Oil and Gas was founded in October of 2004 on the fundamental principles of applying state-of-the-art petroleum and natural gas exploration and

Oil and Gas Exploration and Production – Satellite Imaging …
Satellite Remote Sensing services are provided with over 40 years experience in the global oil and gas industry. Satellite Imaging Corporation understands

Industry:Oil & Gas Drilling
Heavy Earth Resources Inc. OTCQB HEVI an oil and gas exploration and production company focused on Central and South America is pleased to announce


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