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Any interested facilitator should write us a training or service provision proposal that included in part II of this page

This will help us to develop a guiding policy and database for short courses which can now be used to prepare the actual short course programs.

The incumbent shall propose the refining of the given titles in part I or propose a new title as directed in part II

For all cases he or she must give us more information as outlined in part II below

Upcoming short courses in mining to be provided by the Earth Sciences Institute of Shinyanga – ESIS are listed below

  1. Application of Geochemistry in Mineral Exploration;
  2. Application of Structural Geology in Mineral Exploration;
  3. Paleontology and the Geology of Oil and Gas;
  4. Remote Sensing and Application of GIS in Mineral Exploration;
  5. Geochemistry of Oil and Gas;
  6. Ore Reserve estimation
  7. Modern Open Cast and Underground Mining Techniques;
  8. Modern Mineral Exploration Techniques with emphasis on Gold;
  9. Modern Techniques of Mineral Processing
  10. Mining Law, Licensing, Policies, Contracts & Negotiations
  11. Mining Health, Safety & Environment Management
  12. Professional mining development
  13. Ore Reserve Risk and Mine Planning Optimization
  14. Seismic Analysis and Interpretation for Mining
  15. Mineral Resources Management and Marketing


We will need these details so that we can prepare the course plan and brochure

Personal Information for new Facilitators

  • Full Name
  • Email
  • Cellphone
  • Education Background in the area of expertise
  • Experiences¬† in the area of expertise

Short Course Information

  • Course Name
  • Course Outline – Just few lines of subtopics what included in the course
  • Facilitation Approach – Lecture, assignments,¬† field work and practical,
  • Expected Results – What students should expect from the course
  • Target Students – Only working graduates, only working technicians or General public? etc
  • Course Duration – How long will the course take? 2 hrs/day for 7 days etc
  • Facilitator Availability – Just tell us at what season of the year will you available to facilitate the course
  • Course materials + Reference – What materials will you supply to the students or a student should expect from you (eg notes, photos, video clips, etc)
  • Tools and Equipment Required – What tool and equipments needed for training like projector, rock sample, GPS, Computer, Software etc

Additional Comments if any

Short Course Proposal Form

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