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1. Wanafunzi wote wafike Chuoni kuchukua vyeti vyao kabla ya tarehe 28.09.2019
2. Wanafunzi wote wahakikishe matokeo yao yapo sawa na wamepata Award Verification Number (AVN) kutoka NACTE kabla ya tarehe 28.09.2019.

Kwa maulizo yoyote kuhusiana na tangazo hili wawasiliane na Mr. Geofrey/Mkuu wa idara ya taaluma kabla ya tarehe 28.09.2019.

1. Wanafunzi wote wenye shida mbalimbali za mitihani na matokeo yao wanapaswa kuwasilisha shida hizo kwa Mr. Geofrey kabla ya tarehe 22.08.2019

2. Mitihani ya Supplementary, special na carryovers itafanyika kuanzia tarehe 26.08.2019, mitihani hii ina gharama zifuatazo:
A. Supplementary examination fee ni Tshs 30,000 @ module
B. Special examination fee ni Tsh 30,000 @… Continue reading

Below a list of geological application software required for geology students. The list shows the most common applications used by students and their usage. There are many more special applications available and students are advised to check them for more information.

John Southward

North Dakota State University

Anekant Wandres

Subject Name Use
Word Processing… Continue reading

is also spelled gemmology is the science dealing with natural and artificial gem s and gemstone s It is considered a geoscience and a branch

Gems & Gemology
Gems & Gemology is a quarterly scientific journal published by the Gemological Institute of America . Each issue is devoted to research


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The Oil Drum | Articles in topic “Geology/Exploration”
Oct 17, 2012 Jean worked 37 years for TOTAL on exploration and production of oil and gas, and since his retirement, has worked tirelessly to analyse the

Exploration and Geological Technology Articles | TechnoMine
This site includes news, views, and reviews about geology… Continue reading

Metallurgist (Minerals Processing)Metallurgist (Minerals Processing)
Metallurgists research, control and develop processes used in extracting metals from their ores or for refining metals. Metallurgists work at mineral processing sites and may specialise in either primary (extractive) or secondary (physical) metallurgy. Primary metallurgists are most often employed by the minerals and energy industry.


Ball mill and Classifier in a Mineral Processing PlantBall mill and Classifier in… Continue reading