The purpose of ESIS Student Organizations (ESISO) at Earth Sciences Institute of Shinyanga is to provide opportunities for students to engage, to interact, to create relationships, to learn, and to lead. ESISO allowing students to pursue their career passions and interests with other students while developing leadership and organizational skills. 

Some of the activities of ESISO

  1. Organizing recreation events for students
  2. Creating a platform to helping each other on social related issues
  3. Representing  the students affairs before college management
  4. Providing orientation to new comers
  5. Creating a good communication and meeting platform weather online or offline

Applicable Rules and Obligation Compliences

  1. Ensure student comply with ESISO Code of Conduct, ESISO Constitution and College Academic  Regulations and other rules and bylaws available
  2. Prepare and submit all ESISO activities calendar and timely submission of reports to Dean of Students


  1. Develop and ensure successful officer transitions including good record keeping, a detailed transition packet, and a new officer orientation.
  2. Manage the organization’s finances responsibly by maintaining accurate financial records, implementing appropriate procedures, and meeting all financial obligations
  3. Ensuring that ESISO Structure is clear and fulfill the purpose of its existence by making sure all units are available and filled with personel
  4. Ensure also that ESISO is acurately represented as a no legal entiry and that its legality evolved from ESIS existence and thus all external representations should be done under ESIS umrella and mandate

ESISO Advisor

  1. ESIS Dean of Student is ESISO adviser
  2. ESISO must consult him/her regularly regarding the activities of the organization.
  3. ESIS Dean of Student is a vital resource that can give advice on how best to plan and execute all ESISO events and activities with the interest of the college.
  4. The Dean of Student should be invited to attend meetings and events on campus to keep him/her involved in the organization’s activities.
  5. The role of the advisor includes:
        • Providing continuity with the history and tradition of past years
        • To assist student leaders in building public relations
        • Providing advice when called upon
        • Helping students understand and abide by College rules
        • Arbitrating intra-group disputes
        • Teaching the techniques and responsibilities of being a good leader and follower
        • Coaching the officers in the principles of good organizational and administrative practice
        • Teaching the elements of effective group operation
        • Developing procedures and plans for actions
        • Keeping the group focused on its goals
        • Stimulating or even initiating activities and programs
        • Introducing new program ideas with an intellectual flavor
        • Providing opportunities for the practice of classroom-acquired skills
        • Helping the group to apply principles and concepts learned in the classroom
        • Pointing out new perspectives and directions to the group
        • Supplying expert knowledge and insights of experience

Things to observe when doing application

Entry Requirements:

  1. Entry for NTAL4: Applicants must possess at least four (4) D passes from the Certificate of Secondary Education Examination in non-religious subjects. Out of four (4) passes, two (2) must be from science subjects (Physics, Engineering science, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Geography). OR Passed NVTA L3 in Engineering aligned subjects from VETA VETA-registered institutions OR
  2. Entry for NTAL5: Applicants must possess a relevant NTAL4 from NACTVET Accredited college at 2.0GPA
  3. Entry for NTAL6: Applicants must possess a relevant NTAL5 from NACTVET Accredited college at 2.0GPA

Submit to ESIS a nonrefundable application fee of TZS. 10,000/- to be deposited in Account:

Bank Account Info:

  • Bank name: CRDB, Bank PLC,
  • Account Name: ESIS Limited,
  • Account No:01J1059238400,
  • Branch: CRDB Shinyanga Branch,

Application Checklist:

  1. Copy of Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (CSEE)
  2. Copy of Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education examination (ACSEE) – If any
  3. Copy of other qualification(s) e.g. NVTA3, Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (ACSEE), if any
  4. Copy of birth certificate
  5. Original Pay-in slip for application fee(TZS. 10,000)

Application and Enrolment Duration:

  1. Application takes place between March and September Every Year
  2. Enrollment process take place in August and September each year
  3. Classes Begin mid-October every year

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