General Objectives

To train competent mid-cadre technicians (basic technician Certificate level) based on rigorous practical training who will perform basic activities in the field of Petroleum Geology. 

Specific Objectives

The Specific Objectives of the programme will be to ensure that upon completion of the NTAL 4 programme technicians are expected to be able to:

  • Comprehend and describe the basic petroleum geology and exploration definitions, terms and terminologies;
  • Recognize, organize and operate simple field petroleum (oil and gas) exploration tools and equipment in initial exploration (geological, seismic, gravity, and other methods related to oil and gas exploration) and in drilling exploration (drilling, borehole logging, and related methods in oil and gas exploration);
  • Operate simple laboratory equipment and tools used in oil and gas exploration;
  • Prepare core samples and other field samples for analysis; and
  • Write basic or simple technical reports to the supervisor on routine field and laboratory work

Admission Requirements

An applicant should have at least an O-level certificate. He / she must have at least four (4) passes in Non-Religious Subjects including D in Physics/Engineering Science, Basic Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Geography; a pass in Mathematics is compulsory.  OR Holders of NVTA level 3 with at least two passes in form four examination can also apply.  

The Modules

Semester I Modules

Module code

Module title

PGT 04101

Basics of Geology

PGT 04102

Elements of Petroleum Geology

PGT 04103

Organic Chemistry 

PGT 04104

Basic Computer Applications 

PGT 04105

Basic Applied Mathematics

PGT 04106

Physical Sciences

PGT 04107

Introduction to Geological and Surveys Geophysical

Semester II Modules

Module code

Module title

PGT 04208

English Communication Skills

PGT 04209

Basics of Structural Geology

PGT 04210

Basics of Palaeontology

PGT 04211

Basic Laboratory Operations in Geosciences

PGT 04212

Field Practical Training



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All Courses

Things to observe when doing application

Entry Requirements:

  1. At least four D grade in science subjects from O’ Level examination results certified by NECTA OR
  2. Passed NVTA L3 in Engineering aligned subjects from VETA Registered Institutions OR
  3. Posses a relevant NTAL4 from NACTE Accredited college for a 2 year diploma course
  1. Submit to ESIS a nonrefundable application fee of TZS. 30,000/- to be deposited in Account:

Bank Account Info:

  • Bank name: CRDB, Bank PLC,
  • Account Name: ESIS Limited,
  • Account No:01J1059238400,
  • Branch: CRDB Shinyanga Branch,

Application Checklist:

  1. Copy of Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (CSEE)
  2. Copy of Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education examination (ACSEE) – If any
  3. Copy of other qualification(s) e.g. NVTA3, Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (ACSEE), if any
  4. Copy of birth certificate
  5. Original Pay-in slip for application fee(TZS. 30,000)

Application and Enrolment Duration:

  1. Application take place between March and September Every Year
  2. Enrollment process take place in August and September each year
  3. Classes Begin mid October every year

ESIS Application Form 2022/23