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Basic Certificate in Exploration and Mining Geology ¬†course (NTAL 4) is taken by a student who has successfully completed ordinary certificate of secondary education or O’Level (form four) with at least 4 D at the national examination or NVTA3 in engineering related subjects.


Semester I

AGT04101 Basics of geology
AGT04102 Elementary mineralogy
GST04101 Basics of Chemistry
GST 04102 Basic Computer Applications
MTT04101 Mathematics
MTT04102 Advanced Mathematics
GST04101 Physical Sciences

Semester II

GST04201 Communication skills
AGT 04201 Basics of Structural geology
AGT 04202 Basics of Paleontology
AGT 04203 Mineral exploration
AGT 04204 Basics of Mine survey
AGT 04205 Mining geology
AGT04206 Mine safety and environmental management


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