ESIS is a small mining Institute located in Mwadui Gold Mines in Shinyanga Tanzania licensed by the National Council for Technical Education of Tanzania (NACTE) with Reg. No REG/EOS/041P to offer Exploration and Mining Geology, Petroleum Geosciences, Mining Engineering, Mineral Processing and Gemology, Environmental Engineering and Management courses.
ESIS’s head office is located at Ndala in Shinyanga Municipality while classes and dormitories are currently located within the mining premises of Williamson Diamond Limited in Mwadui Shinyanga.
The college invites individual volunteers and organizations to partner in various areas as listed below:
  1. HIV/AIDS Training to youth
  2. Life skills and crosscutting knowledge
  3. Sport and Games Gears and training
  4. Attachment for Field Work (max 3 months)
  5. Curricula Development (Gas and Oil, Gemology, etc)
  6. And much more

Long Term Courses

  1. Exploration and Mining Geology
  2. Petroleum Geo-Sciences
  3. Mineral Processing
  4. Mining Engineering
  5. Environmental Engineering and Management
  6. Gemology

Short Courses

  1. Application of Geochemistry in Mineral Exploration;
  2. Application of Structural Geology in Mineral Exploration;
  3. Paleontology and the Geology of Oil and Gas;
  4. Remote Sensing and Application of GIS in Mineral Exploration;
  5. Geochemistry of Oil and Gas;
  6. Ore Reserve estimation
  7. Modern Open Cast and Underground Mining Techniques;
  8. Modern Mineral Exploration Techniques with emphasis on Gold;
  9. Modern Techniques of Mineral Processing
  10. Mining law (covering Local and International Mining Law, Gas and Oil Law, Licensing and Policies, Contracts & Negotiations)
  11. Mining Health, Safety & Environment Management
  12. Minerals Business Administration with focus on packaging and marketing
  13. Professional mining development
  14. Ore Reserve Risk and Mine Planning Optimization
  15. Seismic Analysis and Interpretation for Mining

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