Course Description



Course Objectives

To train competent mid-cadre technicians on Advanced Mineral Exploration Techniques based on field work and lab analysis

Course Covered Areas

The covered areas for Advanced Mineral Exploration Techniques course include the following:

Expected Results

Admission Requirements

An applicant should have at least posses…….

Course Additional Info

Duration: 3 Weeks

Start Date: .../..../....... End Date: .../..../.......

Cost (TZS): .............................. Cost (USD): ..............................

1. Upon successful completion of the course(s), participants shall be evaluated and awarded with certificate of
2. All payments should be deposited to our CRDB Bank Account Number ………………………., Account Name: ESIS Limited. Cash payment shall not be accepted.
3. The fee must be paid one week before starting date of the course


(Provide you full name as it appears in your formal documents like ID, Academic Certificates etc)

Course Name: EXP02 - Advanced Mineral Exploration Techniques

You can propose a new course, edit the available one to suite your requirements

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All Courses

Things to observe when doing application

Entry Requirements:

  1. Entry for NTAL4: Applicants must possess at least four (4) D passes from the Certificate of Secondary Education Examination in non-religious subjects. Out of four (4) passes, two (2) must be from science subjects (Physics, Engineering science, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Geography). OR Passed NVTA L3 in Engineering aligned subjects from VETA VETA-registered institutions OR
  2. Entry for NTAL5: Applicants must possess a relevant NTAL4 from NACTVET Accredited college at 2.0GPA
  3. Entry for NTAL6: Applicants must possess a relevant NTAL5 from NACTVET Accredited college at 2.0GPA

Submit to ESIS a nonrefundable application fee of TZS. 10,000/- to be deposited in Account:

Bank Account Info:

  • Bank name: CRDB, Bank PLC,
  • Account Name: ESIS Limited,
  • Account No:01J1059238400,
  • Branch: CRDB Shinyanga Branch,

Application Checklist:

  1. Copy of Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (CSEE)
  2. Copy of Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education examination (ACSEE) – If any
  3. Copy of other qualification(s) e.g. NVTA3, Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (ACSEE), if any
  4. Copy of birth certificate
  5. Original Pay-in slip for application fee(TZS. 10,000)

Application and Enrolment Duration:

  1. Application takes place between March and September Every Year
  2. Enrollment process take place in August and September each year
  3. Classes Begin mid-October every year

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