Below a list of geological application software required for geology students. The list shows the most common applications used by students and their usage. There are many more special applications available and students are advised to check them for more information.

John Southward

North Dakota State University

Anekant Wandres

Subject Name Use
Word Processing



Microsoft  Office Word reports, assignment, thesis
Adobe Acrobat PDF (free software) reading and printing document
Endnote Bibliography
Presentation PowerPoint For report presentation
Graphics, Drawing and Publishing


MS Publisher Desktop publishing
Freehand MX diagram and figures for reports, assignment, thesis etc
Grapher A graphics software package to create high-quality 2D and 3D graphics for publication and presentation
Image Processing



ImageJ Image analysis aerial photos
ImageTool Image analysis,  thin sections
Motic Image analysis
Data storage Microsoft Access General geological data management
Statistics Microsoft  Excel For basic stats (Harker, bar, pie, column… )
Minitab Statistical modeling
Statigraphics A software package for statistical data analysis






MinPet Most geochemistry plots, modeling
Petmin Most geochemistry plots, modeling
NewPet Most geochemistry plots, modeling
Igpet Most geochemistry plots, modeling
KaleidaGraph Most geochemistry plots, SHRIMP data processing
Grapher 2D and 3D graphic
Engineering Matlab Numerical modeling processing etc
Contouring Surfer Convert in a data into contour, surface, wireframe, vector, image, shaded relief, and post maps. Virtually all aspects of your maps can be customized to produce exactly the presentation you want.
Mapping/GIS Civil 3D (AutoCAD) geological maps, engineering drawing…
  ArcView storing and manipulating data
3–D mapping Stereo Mapper stereo view of aerial photos
GPS GPS Pathfinder processing you GPS survey data
Geodimeter Terramodel processing your EDM survey
Stratigraphy Strater advanced plotting of downhole data
Rock science Dip plotting orientation based data
  RocData strength analysis of rock and soil
  RockSupport estimating support in circular tunnels
  Examine2D excavation analysis for mines
  Rockfall rockfall calculations
  Slide slope stability analysis
  Examine3D 3-D elastic analysis for excavations
  Rocklab Hoek-Brown failure
  Swedge stability of wedges in rockslopes
  Phase 2-D plastic finite element programme
  RockPlane stability of planar sliing blocks
  Unwedge stability of wedges in underground excavations
Rockworks99 Same as Rockscience (inferior)
Colorado Rock Fall Simulation Rockfall simulation
Geoslope Same as Rockscience (inferior) various tools
Vulcan 3D mining software solution that can validate and transform raw mining data into dynamic 3D models
Vulcan advance3D mining modeling
Seismic Management





StrataVisor seismograph software
KingdomSuite seismic data processing
Voxler advance 3D modelling
Move 2009.1 Structural modelling
Socet Set/XPG Photogrametry
Mineral Exploration Management Interdex Mineral exploration software packages
other software DAN dynamic analysis of flow-like landslide
  Galena slope stability
  Win_EKKO_Pro GPR
  Transform3-D visualize image data

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