Offline Application Form

Supplementary Information for application form

Make sure you provide correct information which include names as they appears in your form four and form six academic certificates and other certification including Birth Certificate.

Academic certificate results must correspond to those publish in relevant regulatory bodies database- These results will be verified accordingly.


  1. At least a D grade in mathematics and any other 3 sciences subjects from O’ Level examination results certified by NECTA OR
  2. Passed NVTA 3 in Engineering aligned subjects from VETA Registered Institutions OR
  3. Posses a relevant NTAL4 from NACTE Accredited college for a 2 year diploma course
  4. Submit to ESIS a non refundable application fee of TZS. 30,000/- to be deposited in Account:
  • Bank name: CRDB, Bank PLC,
  • Account Name: ESIS Limited,
  • Account No:01J1059238400,
  • Branch: CRDB Shinyanga Branch,


  1. Copy of Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (CSEE) – will be verified by NECTA
  2. Copy of Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education examination (ACSEE) – If any – will be verified by NECTA
  3. Copy of other qualification(s) e.g. NVTA3, , Diploma – if any
  4. Copy of birth certificate
  5. Original Pay-in slip for application fee(TZS. 30,000)

Return your completed application before the mentioned deadline accompanied with supporting documents (see application checklist) and copy of pay-in slip of non-refundable application fee to:

The Principal:  Earth Sciences Institute of Shinyanga (ESIS), P.O. Box 1016, Ndala Shinyanga  OR  Email to: [email protected]  (scan resolution must be between 1920 pixels and 2048 pixels or not exceeding 1MB in jpeg, png or pdf formats

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