ESIS Programs and Courses

The programs offered currently is only one from NTAL4 to 6
1. Exploration and Mining Geology

  1. Petroleum Geology
    Future programs from NTAL4 to 6 are:

These degree programs (NTAL 7 and 8) will be offered in FY2025/26
1. Exploration and Mining Geology

  1. Petroleum Geology

1) AGT04101 Basics of geology
2) AGT04103 Elementary mineralogy
3) GST04101 Basics of Chemistry
4) GST 04102 Basic computer applications
5) MTT04101 Mathematics
6) MTT04102 Advanced Mathematics
7) GST04103 Physical Sciences
8) GST04201 Communication skills
9) AGT 04201 Basics of Structural geology
10) AGT 04202 Basics of Paleontology
11) AGT 04203 Mineral exploration
12) AGST 04204 Basics of Mine survey
13) AGST 04205 Mining geology
1) AGT05101 Optical Mineralogy
2) AGT 05102 Geochemistry and Geochemical Mapping
3) AGT 05103 Geophysical Exploration
4) AGT05104 Geological Mapping
5) AGT05105 Remote Sensing and GIS
6) AGT 05201 Exploration Drilling
7) AGT 05202 Mine Survey
8) AGT 05203 Fundamentals of Ore Reserve Estimations
9) AGT 05204 Geology of Oil and Gas
10) AGT 05205 IPT
1) AGT06101 Ore Mineralogy
2) AGT06102 Application of Geology in Ground Water Exploration
3) AGT06103 Ore Reserve Estimations and Economic Geology
4) AGT06201 Mine Hazards
5) AGT06202 Advanced Mineral Sorting and Processing
6) AGT06203 Engineering Geology
7) AGT06204 Project-III

Things to observe when doing application

Entry Requirements

  1. At least four D grade in science subjects from O’ Level examination results certified by NECTA OR
  2. Passed NVTA 3 in Engineering aligned subjects from VETA Registered Institutions OR
  3. Posses a relevant NTAL4 from NACTE Accredited college for a 2 year diploma course

Application Checklist

  1. Copy of Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (CSEE)
  2. Copy of Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education examination (ACSEE) – If any
  3. Copy of other qualification(s) e.g. NVTA3, Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (ACSEE), if any
  4. Copy of birth certificate
  5. Original Pay-in slip for application fee(TZS. 30,000)

Application and Enrolment Duration

  1. Application take place between March and September Every Year
  2. Enrollment process take place in August and September each year
  3. Classes Begin early October every year

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