Donation and Student Sponsorship

ESIS offer formal long and short term training plus non formal training in the form of workshop, seminars, conference to the public for effectively usage of earth resources in the way that stimulate economic growth and at the same time conserving our environment.  We also support candidates who are orphans and those from less privileged families.

To achieve this income collected from tuition fees cannot meet the required goals each year.

We would like invite everyone who want to support one of the following areas of needs

  1. Student Residences Funding
  2. Researches Funding
  3. Student Tuition Fees
  4. Students Health Center Funding
  5. Students’ Field Project Funding
  6. Partnership Programs Funding
  7. Environment Conservation Initiative Funding

Your support to ESIS initiatives and efforts to remain responsible to the social, economic and environmental challenges of less privileged people and environment will always be appreciated.

Please consider partnering with ESIS today.

For more details call us or write to: [email protected]


The course offered is Exploration and mining geology at three levels

  1. Basic Technician Certificate
  2. Advanced Technician Certificate
  3. Ordinary Diploma

For more information please visit these pages on:

  1. Application Process
  2. Fee Structure

Any other inquiry please contact us using the form below

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